We don't need your sketches to be beautifully drawn and perfectly to scale. We can take the even roughest sketch and turn it into an amazing architectural drawing. 
We just need sketches of both your ground floor and any upstairs floors.

Step 1

Draw your hall or landing


As a rule, this is the best place to start


​First, sketch the floor you’re working on as a whole

Follow the steps below and see the guide to the left

  1. Start with the hall/landing

  2. Then add each room surrounding it

  3. Make sure you draw in the rough position of all the doors... 

  4. ...and the windows

  5. Then label each of the rooms

6.  Now sketch each room separately.

     Include the hall/landing (use separate pieces of               paper if you need to)

7.  Add any windows, doors and stairs

8. Time to measure – Add your dimensions.


  • Door/window widths

  • Alcoves

  • Anything you think may help

      Now add the room name to the sketch

9.  Add the height of ceiling, the head height of the             windows from the floor and the height of the sills             from the floor​​

Most importantly, DON'T WORRY. If you miss something, we'll ask you for it. 

Step 6

Sketch each room individually


Step 10

Take photos from different angles

From outside...

Photo Guide.png

...and inside


10.  Take some photos – use the guide to the left, but also add as many others as you think might be helpful. You can never have too many photos!!

  1. Describe your vision in as much detail as possible – include

    1. What you’ll use the rooms for

    2. Type of outside doors (bi-folds/French etc.)

    3. Any Special window requirements (Velux windows)

    4. Roof type (pitched or flat)

Extension Brief.png