Like extending, adding a loft conversion is a great way of maximising your living space and really changing the way you live in your home.  As a loft conversion often adds an extra bedroom, it can really increase the value of your house and pay dividends when it comes to selling.

AMZAK can help you plan your conversion, whether it’s simple storage room with a Velux window or whole new living space with bedrooms, en-suites & dormers.  

Regardless AMZAK will give you everything you need to satisfy Planning, Building Regulations and your builder.

Planning/Permitted Development Drawings

Dependant on what you want from your loft conversion, you may need Planning Permission from your Local Authority. However, you can often proceed with your project under 'Permitted Development' rights in the case of loft conversions.

Permitted Development rights mean you don't have to apply for full Planning Permission, however, even if you don't need Planning Permission, it's a good idea to get a Lawful Development Certificate. This certificate from your Local Authority confirms you don't need Planning Permission and aren't breaking any rules by proceeding under Permitted Development rights. It's also really beneficial if you ever choose to sell your house. 

To apply for a Lawful Development Certificate you will need exactly the same drawings as if you were applying for Planning Permission.

More information on Permitted Development rights and Planning Permission, can be found HERE at the Planning Portal. There's also a useful tool HERE with more information.


Building Regulations Drawings

Regardless of whether your loft conversion needs Planning Permission or not, you will almost certainly need approval from your Local Authority's Building Control. 

Although there a a cost associated with this  process, it's well worth it. Your Building Inspector will visit your home at key stages throughout the build process and check the work done by your builder, before allowing them to continue. This should give you the peace of mind of knowing that your builder's work is up to standard.

Building Regulations are more detailed than those required for obtaining Planning Permission. They include all plan views, elevations and sections required to gain Full Plans Building Control approval. They also include a detailed specification and building notes.


As your Building Regulations drawings will be produced by us and submitted to Building Control for approval prior to your  build starting, you'll know that your project is fully compliant and that your builder has a detailed set of instructions to work from.