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Architectural Design

AMZAK will give you everything you need to get your Planning Permission & Building Regulations approved. We'll even submit the applications for you!

3D Modeling, Renders & Walkthroughs

If you're struggling to visualize your new space, we can help. We have amazing technology that can put you right inside your new home. 

Build Pricing & Scheduling

Builders can be unpredictable creatures. We can price your entire build down to the last brick and also provide a build schedule, so you stay one step ahead.  


why AMZAK?

AMZAK make it so easy to access amazing architectural design...

We prepare incredible plans & drawings, secure your planning permission, and  handle your building regulations to name just a few of our services.

...but unlike your traditional  architect's practice, we don't charge the earth...

AMZAK's fixed price packages will protect you from spiralling costs and we'll normally deliver your drawings within 3 weeks, unless you need them a bit quicker, then we can do that too.

...and our years of experience in the building trade ensure our plans not only look great on the page, they can actually be built.

It's surprising how many plans don't actually work when it comes to making them a reality. AMZAK have the technology and experience to bring your vision to life.


We provide fixed price packages for extensions, loft conversions, renovations or even garage conversions.


Our packages will provide drawings that will enable you to gain Planning Permission or a Lawful Development Certificate. 

You will need more detailed drawings for Building Control approval, but we can provide those too.


We will work with you to create your new space. Includes all plan views, elevations & site plans needed to get your permission approved

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Permitted DEvelopment  Drawings

Even if you don't need full planning permission, you will still need to plan your space and get a Lawful Development Certificate

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BUILDING regulations Drawings

When you decide to build, your project will need Building Control approval. We will supply detailed drawings to satisfy all of your Building Regulations obligations. 

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Planning & Regulations Package

If you would rather get both your plans and Building Regulations Drawings done in one go, we'll do them for you at a discount

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