Sometimes it's difficult to visualise your plans without actually being able to see them in the flesh.

Luckily AMZAK have the skills and technology to be able to create 3D models, photorealistic visualisations and interactive walk-throughs to enable you to see and feel what your new space will be like, before you pay your builder a single penny. 

AMZAK Render 4.jpg

A 3D model will really help you understand your project.


We can help you visulise everything, from simply being able to see how a tree will look in your garden, to knowing how the sun will shine on your property on a certain day of the year, at a specific time of day

A photo-realistic render allows you to see your finished product as if it had already been built.

This takes away the guesswork and makes the stress of making those big decisions a lot, lot less.

AMZAK Render 2.jpg

A walk-through takes it a step further by enabling you to wander through your new home before a single brick is laid.

Again we can change lighting, so you know how the sun, or even the moon, will shine through your property a at certain time of day/year.