Am I really able to measure my house myself?

Absolutely. It’s a really simple process of sketching the layout and measuring the walls and windows. If you have old Estate Agent plans, then just let us have a copy of those and we'll let you know what else to measure. Don't worry, we'll let you know exactly what we need and if something doesn't add up, we can always ask you to check.

How can you complete the drawings so quickly?

We have a dedicated team that's sole purpose is to create planning and Building Regulations drawings. We don't project manage your build on-site and we also don't spend time travelling to meetings and drinking tea. This means we spend all of our time focussed on producing the highest quality drawings in the shortest possible time.

Will your Planning Drawings be as good as my local Architect's drawings?

Yes. In fact we are confident enough to say that, in many cases, our drawings will be far better than your high street Architect's. We use state of the art technology to ensure everything works together and your builder doesn’t get tasked with building the impossible. We can also produce photorealistic renders, 3D models and interative walkthroughs. Not many local Architects can do that!

Do I need a site survey?

We will be happy to come and measure for you*, however, this something you can easily do yourself. You can use old estate agent drawings or simply sketch the layout and add window and wall measurements. We'll also ask you to take some photos of your property and our 'Self-Survey Guide' will tell you exactly what you need to do. If you are unsure, we'll guide you where needed and let you know if we need anything else. But don't worry, we're always at the end of the phone if you need help. *SIte surveys within our geograhical limit only. Please contact us for more info.

Will I need a Structural Engineer?

Dependant on your proposed design, it is likely that you may need structural calculations. We will provide you with specifications for foundations for approval by Building Control and if you need steel calculations, we will find you a suitable Structural Engineer.

Do I need an architect to visit?

No. We can provide you with everything you need to allow you to complete your project.

Do I really need planning drawings?

You can build without drawings, however this does mean your builder will have to 'freestyle' your build and 'estimate' your build costs. This is not an great situation to be in unless you have an open budget and 100% confidence in your builder . It's also unlikely that you will be able to provide Building Control with sufficient information to undertake a full assessment and approve your build without drawings.

Do I need to comply with Building Reglations?

Approval from your local Building Control is needed in the majority of cases. Your local Building Inspector will approve your builder's work at key stages throughout your project, before allowing them to continue. They will only issue a 'Completion Certificate' following their final inspection. This provides a level of 'Quality Control' and ensures you have the documentation you need if you want to sell or insure your home.

Do I need Planning Permission?

We can help you decide whether you can proceed under Permitted Development rules or need Planning Permission.

The Planning Portal also has a great tool for understanding planning/Building regulations requirements called 'Interactive House'. Follow this link: https://interactive.planningportal.co.uk/

How long will it take for you to complete my drawings?

Once we have your measurements and understand what you want to achieve, we will have your drawings ready within 3 weeks.

If you need them sooner, just let us know and we can fast-track them for a little extra.

Can you obtain my Planning Permission for me?

Yes. We will act as your agent and submit all of the necessary information and drawings to your local council. If they have any queries or questions we will liaise directly with the council on your behalf. You will only need to pay the local authority planning fees, we will do everything else.

Can you help me understand how long my building project will take?

Yes. Our 'Build Pricing' service includes a schedule breakdown by discipline e.g. demolitions/roofing/plumbing. This will help you understand how long you can expect your project to take and also whether you are ahead or behind schedule once your build starts.

Can you tell me how much my project is likely to cost?

Yes. Our unique Build Pricing service will give you a detailed breakdown of what you should expect your build to cost. This will include a detailed breakdown of all materials, labour and plant hire required to complete your project. This can prove invaluable in making sure you get the right quotes for your build and avoid any unexpected costs.

Why should I use AMZAK?

AMZAK provide all the services and expertise required to get your project through Planning and once approved, built and approved by your local Building Control. Our years of experience within the construction industry, means that we understand the build process and the potential pitfalls. We can help increase your chance of planning approval and reduce the chance of becoming the victim of cowboy contractors.

What other services do AMZAK offer?

AMZAK provide everything you need to get your project approved by Planning and Building Control and then quoted and off the ground with your builder.

Not only this, we can also help you in other ways that are not usually offered by your local Architect, such as:

Project build estimates & scheduling 3D models and walkthroughs Photo quality renders Planning applications & submission Building Regulations applications & submission Party wall agreements

Why don't I just use a local architect?

Using AMZAK for your drawings has advantages in many ways, not only cost. Our years of experience within the construction industry means we understand the planning, Building Regulations and construction process from end to end. We can help your project run as smoothly as possible and reduce the stress that is often involved in improving your home. AMZAK produce high quality drawings at a fraction of the cost that traditional Architectural practises charge and we'll deliver them in a fraction of the time. Not only that, we can put together 3D models, renders and walkthroughs to help you better understand your space before you commit to your build. Not something you can do with good old 'pen & paper'.

What happens if my planning application is refused?

It's not unusual for planning applications to be refused initially, however, the council will normally provide details of their objections and reasons for refusal. We will work with you and advise on possible solutions to overcome the council's objections. We wlll then amend the drawings, resubmit your application and let you know if the amendments have any cost implications.

Why are you so much cheaper than my local Architect?

The majority of our work is online and therefore we don't spend much time travelling and in meetings. Most of our time is spent producing planning & Building Regulations drawings, which means we can pass the costs we save back to you.

Do I need to pay for everthing upfront?

No. Again, unlike most traditional Architects, you pay a small deposit of £49.00 to secure your place in the queue. You only pay the balance when your drawings are ready to be submitted to your local council. Where you need Planning and Building Regulations drawings, you pay in two stages. Once when the Planning drawings are ready and the final payment when your Regulations drawings are ready to submit.