Extending or renovating your home is probably the most costly thing you'll ever do, barring purchasing it. Yet, appointing the right builder at the right price is considered a minefield...and rightly so!
Or aim is to keep you one step ahead of your tradesmen by providing an extremely detailed estimate of what your project should cost, alongside a Schedule of Works. Both closely guarded secrets! 
Your builder may not thank us for this.....but you definitely will!
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Our detailed project estimates give you a complete breakdown of what your build should cost. We estimate all materials, from bricks to electrical sockets, every bit of plant, from skips to diggers and every minute of labour needed to complete your project.
Every element of the job is broken down into discipline e.g. demolitions/roofing/plastering, so you can see how much you should be paying for materials, plant & labour in each area.
We then take it all step further and itemise every screw, saw and minute of labour, so you can really see what exactly should go into your project.......and what shouldn't!
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We'll also provide you with a Schedule of Works by discipline. This shows how long each part of the job should take if everything is on track.